Citizens of Irmo

I am writing to urge everyone in the Town of Irmo to vote for Councilman Bill Danielson for Mayor on November 7th.  I have known Bill for over 30 years now and have never heard him or seen him go back on his word.  He is exactly what Irmo needs right now.  Bill is a man of character and integrity and has the best interest of Irmo at heart.  Leadership is what the town needs now! Bill will lead the town council as one of five votes required by law to enact ordinances and manage a $9 million budget. Working together as a council, compromising when needed, disagreeing politely and providing support and guidance to our town administrator and staff. This is what leadership is about.

Thanks to Bill and Councilman Erik Sickinger we now have additional security in and around the neighborhoods of Carmel Commons and Beacon Hill.  In addition to facial recognition cameras, which are in process, we now have six newly installed license plate “FLOCK” reader cameras around Irmo.  These cameras will greatly assist our police department in tracking down the criminal element which is encroaching on our beautiful town.  First responders and the tools they need to provide our safety is Bill’s priority.  Bill also helped push through an increase in the starting pay for our police officers so the town could be more competitive in hiring more qualified applicants for patrol positions.

Bill will lead the town and will listen to all our citizens, not just the loudest voices.  I have watched Bill’s leadership in action whether it was as an elected official, as an appointment by Governor Nikki Haley representing the 2nd Congressional District on the commission of the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs or his numerous non-profit affiliations, he was always a leader.  I can attest to his many achievements in business and commerce as well.

Please vote for Bill Danielson on November 7th!

Bob Doolittle

Irmo Resident