D5 School Board Needs to Change

On November 3rd there is an opportunity for the voters of Lexington/Richland School District 5 to make real change. Let me share with you the reasons I stand for change.  

Jan Hammond

I am disappointed and dismayed at decisions that are made without the approval of the entire board. We are elected to be the voice of the people and we should all be treated with respect and dignity. 

I question the process by which we operate. Communication is lacking among the whole board and I feel that only 4 of the 7 are in control. I never feel that my voice is heard when I have asked for agenda items to be discussed. I often feel bullied. Civility is not always practiced and I believe we should all be role models to the students that are often at our meetings. 

Another reason is the current leadership fails to be responsive to the community. They fail to build trust and reject real dialogue among  those with honest important questions. If you want a good example of this just tune into the September 14th board meeting or read the comments in the Irmo News from that meeting. 

There are 6 new candidates offering their service. I hope the public will ask questions and follow the platforms of each of them. You have a real choice. There are  2 seats in the Lexington county race and 1 seat in the Richland county race. Hines, Huddle, Lindler, and Alsup are in the Lexington County race. Richland has Hogan and Westbury challenging a 24-year incumbent. The incumbents are Cates in Lexington and Gantt in Richland. Cates currently serves as the chair and Gantt serves as secretary. Hutchinson, who currently serves as Vice-Chair has decided not to seek another term. That is a good thing.

As a social studies teacher and board member I look forward to working with  people that are inclusive and collaborative. Most importantly, I want to serve with peers that are not vindictive and have not allowed years of power to  alter their good judgement. We must treat everyone with civility. All seven must be treated with respect and realize we all are elected to serve the people of this great community.

Hope you will all vote for change on November 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan Hammond