Demolition Set

After years of effort and numerous setbacks, demolition contractors have set this Friday morning to tear down the old furniture store at Woodrow St. and Lake Murray Blvd.

The building was originally built in 1929 as a store to provide goods for the construction of the Lake Murray Dam. It was primarily used as a furniture store from the late 40s by the Dula family. The main building contained 24 foot long 2 x 12″ rough-cut floor joists that were able to be salvaged. Subsequent additions added asbestos in the roof coverings and sheetrock which greatly complicated the demolition.

A new building will be built on the corner to house a Domino’s Pizza Take-out and Delivery. A new company called My Plumbing Selections that will sell high-end plumbing fixtures will go in the fully renovated steel building on the lower side of the lot.

Brent Chitwood contributed to this article.