District Five elementary school hosts Green STEAM Day

An Earth Day tradition called “Green STEAM Day” continued at Leaphart Elementary STEAM Magnet School on April 22.

Students in every grade level participated in several activities throughout the day including painting and planting flower pots, a puppet show and learning about the important role bees play on the environment. Students also took part in several other activities across the school’s campus that were geared toward the environment and the impact everyone can make on it.

“This a wonderful day for us to educate our students as well as our staff about the importance of Earth Day,” said Emily Perkins, Leaphart Elementary STEAM Magnet lead teacher. “We talk to them about reducing, reusing and recycling, but really it is a culmination of everything we have taught throughout the year. Students really learn better through hands-on activities and when we can provide those hands-on activities it is not only fun but educational.”

The event also helps teach students about community service because the flower pots, posters and cards created will be given to local nursing homes in the area.

“We want students to realize Earth Day is also about helping others,” Perkins said. “We only get one Earth and Mother Nature is what we have to protect. Even though we try and do a lot on Green STEAM Day, the message is something we teach to students every day because we believe in it full heartedly.”

Leaphart Elementary School is also working toward their Green Steps Certification. To be a certified Green Steps school, a school must complete at least two projects in each of the three categories (Conserve, Protect, and Restore) for at least 12 months. Students at Leaphart this year have participated in shoe and plastic bag recycling events, as well as composting at the school. Students also tend to a schoolwide greenhouse.

“I have enjoyed watching this event expand and grow over the years,” said principal Courtney Sims. “I celebrate our teachers for designing a hands-on learning experience for all students to learn how to be good stewards of the environment. As STEAM students and design thinkers, our students use creativity and innovation to serve Mother Nature and reduce our carbon footprint.”