District Five needs more leaders Like Ken Loveless

Ken Loveless has stood up for what he believes in for our district and our children at great personal cost. 

The true story (that a compliant media has obfuscated) is that Mr. Loveless did nothing to help himself or his company. He questioned the cost and quality of a construction project. The same contractor used Loveless’ company as a subcontractor on a totally unrelated nonschool project. Questioning a contractor’s cost and quality is not going to endear them to you. It’s not going to make them want to do business with you. Ken Loveless never voted to award any school district business to this contractor. In fact, he’s not even accused of voting or helping them. He’s literally accused of being on a site visit with the rest of the board and asking questions. 

Ken fought against people taking advantage of our district. People accustomed to using secrecy, collusion and friends in the media to further their cause. People who get their opponents jailed. People who create a slate of candidates and then shun their existing chosen board member because apparently, she didn’t tow the line well enough. People who pour thousands of dollars in dark money into school board elections. Because, for them it’s about the money, not the children. People who have engineered a massive smear campaign – and not for the first time for those of you who remember the “witches of Eastwick”.

Most of us would have caved. Ken could have too. It would have been the easiest path. But it wouldn’t be the best path for our children and district. Ken has consistently fought for our children and staff, from promoting the replacement of Irmo High’s East wing to teacher pay to our district’s funding from the state house. He won’t toot his horn but if it weren’t for him organizing a meeting with our senator, our district would likely be facing a $20m budget shortfall.  

It takes hard work and perseverance to do what’s right – especially when a well-funded media entrenched smear campaign is doing its level best to make you quit. 

These words and opinions are mine (I am not speaking for the board as a whole or the district) as someone that has served alongside Ken Loveless for nearly two years. I’ve been proud to serve with him and I know our district has benefited greatly from his leadership. 

Catherine Huddle

Trustee, School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties