District Five Students Excel in Valuable Internship Program

School District Five administrators and staff are dedicated to preparing students for success beyond high school. Through collaborative efforts across all four high schools in the district and the Center for Advanced Technical Studies (The Center), students have access to internships and work-based learning opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experience.

Six students enrolled in the Building Construction program at The Center recently had the opportunity to participate in an internship with Loveless Commercial Contracting, assisting with various stages of a commercial remodel project in Chapin. Under the guidance of Ken Loveless of Loveless Commercial Contracting and Michael Diaz from The Center, the interns learned essential skills in commercial renovations.

Participating students Jackson Brummage, Arely Cabrera, Luke Hilton, Cooper Jones, Kolin Kunkle, and Sidney Powers engaged in an 8-week internship where they received practical training and valuable insights into the construction industry. They had the chance to explore different career pathways within the construction field, including internships, apprenticeships, and educational institutions offering two- and four-year programs.

Reflecting on the experience, intern Sidney Powers remarked, “I really enjoyed visiting with the surveyor because it was really cool. The job seems very interesting and it is one of those jobs that flies under the radar.”

Michael Diaz, Building Construction teacher at The Center, emphasized the importance of bridging classroom instruction with real-world experiences, highlighting how students benefit from hands-on learning under the guidance of industry professionals.

The internships are a culmination of a 2-year program at The Center, with students given the opportunity to earn credit through a 3rd-year internship class. These industry-specific internships provide students with diverse experiences within the building construction cluster, covering a wide range of skill sets from trade careers to advanced post-secondary pathways.

Ken Loveless, Owner of Loveless Commercial Contracting, Inc., emphasized the value of internships in fostering success and developing essential skills, emphasizing the importance of building relationships with employers invested in their employees’ growth.

The Center offers specialized courses in 18 Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, providing students with opportunities to explore various fields, including Aerospace Engineering, Culinary Arts, Cyber Security/Networking, Veterinary Science, and more. Through initiatives like internships, District Five continues to empower students with the skills and experiences necessary for future success.