District Five students named South Carolina Junior Scholars

92 Lexington-Richland School District Five students have been named South Carolina Junior Scholars for the 2022-2023 school year.

Developed by the South Carolina Department of Education during the 1985-1986 school year, the SC Junior Scholars program is designed to identify eighth grade students with exceptional academic talent based on PSAT scores and other measures.

“The impressive number of students receiving this award points to the quality of educators and students we have in our district,” said Lisa Duda, School District Five’s Coordinator for Academic Assistance, Gifted Programs and Professional Development. “I am proud of these students and know that their futures are certainly bright!”

The following is a list of South Carolina Junior Scholars from Lexington-Richland School District Five: Chase Albro, Fatima Abdou Gagara, Fatima Al-Abresm, Omachukwu Anadu, William Appleby, Kennedy Babb, Sawyer Bailey, Logan Best, Thomas Bodie, Isabella Bonavilla, Braelyn Byars, Savannah Campbell, Tamlin Cantrell, Mackenzie Carlander, Chandler Cochran, Megan Coleman, Zachary Cooley, James Cowherd, Ava Culler, Giap Dao, Jorden Davis, Ahmed Farhani, Taja Fletcher, Victor Fowler, Trent Frisk, Anthony Fu, Jillian Galloway, Clinton Gentry, Evien Glover, Benjamin Godfrey, Dalton Gravelle, Mallory Greene, Sophie Hall, Caden Hamm, Chasen Hartenstine, Daniel Helms, Kyle Hepps, Stephen Hill, Robert Hood, Riley Hunt, Tyler Jackson, Owen Jackson, Kristen Ihrie, Ansley Ihrie, Elias Johnson, Greer Johnson, Claire Ju, Owen Kammerer, Gabriel Keller, Weston Lea, Aubrea Lee, Amelia Leon, Madeline Linder, Hampton Long, Taryn Lybrand, Sariya Martin, Landon Mills, Hafza Osman, Katie Palmer, Lucy Pruitt, Jacob Quinones, James Remillard, Keenan Reynolds, Sarah Rives, Ayden Robinson, Jackson Roy, Grayson Ruff, Matthew Ruppe, Madeline Rutherford, Lorelei Sakocius, Anna Shelley, Ruhao Shen, Seomegeun Shim, Leoga Sikod, Luke Simon, Landon Slice, Olivia Somerville, Vista Sotudeh Chafi, Audrey Stewart, Aubrey Stillwell, Kylie Taylor, Sarah Thompson, Adam Thur, Lilah Torres, Daniel Wang, William Wang, Kendall Webster, James Weed, Sarah Wildt, Porter Wilhelm, Zhixuan Xu, and Soyeon Yeom.

For more information on the South Carolina Junior Scholars Program, visit: South Carolina Junior Scholars