Dr. Barb Waldman for Town Council

It’s easy to support Dr. Barb Waldman for Irmo Town Council. Involvement is one word that describes Barb. This candidate would bring a broad background of knowledge and experience that can be applied to Irmo Council meetings and activities. She has historically been involved.

As a graduate with a PhD at The John Hopkins University, that degree shows that she has the educational background to perform for you and me at the town council level. She knows how to digest the facts and render appropriate decisions.

In her 29 years as a resident of Irmo, she has been involved in a multitude of town and school organizations. Barb has been much more than a casual observer. She has served as the chair or vice-chair or secretary to a number of community support groups.

Rest assured her commitment to involvement would continue when elected to Irmo Town Council. She would represent an independent approach to town decisions. Barb Waldman is the kind of representation that you and I want on the Town Council of Irmo. Join me with a vote for Barb Waldman in the coming election.

John Hanson