First Responders Memorial Unveiled

 The Town of Irmo unveiled the Irmo First Responders Memorial on Tuesday, May 28.

The culmination of a year’s work to design and mold a suitable memorial for all First Responders in the Irmo area was dedicated by Irmo Town Mayor Bill Danielson, Irmo Fire District Chief Mike Sonefeld and Irmo Police Chief Bobby Dale.

“The committee we formed last year has been instrumental in the design of this memorial and I want to thank them all personally for contributions they made to the realization of this project,” said Mayor Danielson. “Let this memorial serve as a lasting tribute to the sacrifices made by our First Responders all past present and future.”

The mayor thanked the businesses and community members for helping play a role in the preparation of the success of this event.

Chief Mike Sonefeld gave an emotional speech about how this memorial came to pass. Irmo Firefighter James Muller gave the ultimate sacrifice and his Final Alarm a year ago on May 26 while serving the Irmo Fire District. He is the sole name on the monument.

“This is J’s memorial until further notice,” said Chief Sonefeld. “His life was not wasted but given to us as a model to share and celebrate.”

Ganesh Muruganantham was foreman for the actual stone brought in for the memorial. His family quarry in India provided the granite pavers, excavation, grading and the jet black obelisk.

The sides of the obelisk represent Irmo Fire District, Town of Irmo, Emergency Medical Services and Irmo Police.

The First Responders Memorial Committee members were Mayor Bill Danielson, Councilwoman Barb Waldman, Irmo Police Chief Bobby Dale, Irmo Fire District Chief Mike Sonefeld, Lt. Andrea Grinstead, Sgt. Kelly Mountzouros, Firefighter Nick Powell, Irmo Fire Commissioner Libby Gober, Jean How/Secretary, former Mayor Barry A. Walker, Sr., Kirk Luther.

 Advisors from the Town of Irmo were Town Administrator Courtney Dennis and Irmo Public Works Director Whit Cline. Glen K. Adams provided the bagpipes for the event.

 “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.”

J. Michael Muller