Five Educators from Lexington-Richland School District Five Attain National Board Certification

Five teachers from Lexington-Richland School District Five have achieved the prestigious National Board Certification (NBCT) this year, further enhancing the district’s standing with a total of 299 National Board Certified Teachers.

National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential that involves a comprehensive series of performance-based assessments. Teachers pursuing this certification undergo a rigorous process, including the submission of teaching portfolios, student work samples, video recordings, and analyses of classroom teaching and student learning. Additionally, candidates demonstrate their subject-matter knowledge and teaching effectiveness through written exercises.

Dr. Tamara Turner, Chief of Human Resources for School District Five, emphasized the vital role played by National Board Certified teachers in enhancing teaching and learning. She stated, “Many of the district’s NBCTs pursue professional learning opportunities and seek to improve their practice well beyond the National Board-certification journey. We support these educators by providing platforms for them to be active voices in education policy, inspire and coach colleagues, and pursue leadership roles.”

The School District Five teachers who earned National Board Certification this year are:

  1. Grace Abbott (Chapin High)
  2. Rachel Hay (Spring Hill High)
  3. Teresita Hill (Chapin High)
  4. Savannah Savage Clayton (Spring Hill High)
  5. Andreaetta Whaley (Spring Hill High)

Moreover, 36 teachers in School District Five successfully renewed their National Board Certification.

The district, recognized as a National Board Accomplished District in 2019 by the National Board for Professional Standards (NBPTS), continues to foster a culture of excellence in education. This designation is bestowed upon school districts with 20% or more of their teachers holding National Board Certification.

National Board Certification not only elevates the professional standards of educators but also contributes significantly to the enhancement of education and learning outcomes within the district.