Green Eyed Lady takes first place

Studio 3P, LLC is pleased to announce that their lead photographer Kimberly Case’s portrait “Green Eyed Lady” brought home the Blue Ribbon for Photography in the 5th Annual Crooked Creek Art League’s Still Hopes 2022 Exhibition. Case’s portrait photograph depicts a young lady returning the viewer’s gaze with clarity and purpose.

Hallmarks of Case’s work are richness and whimsy. Incorporating sometimes fantastical themes, wardrobe and props, her photographs are often first mistaken for oil paintings, due to their tones and aura. Case shares, “My desire in each portrait is to freeze a moment in time; usually not the moment that the shutter winks here in the 21st century, but a different moment, one sometimes long ago, sometimes far away. By using light sculpting, custom backgrounds, and vintage props and wardrobe, I strive to create a brief window the viewer can peer through, seeing exactly what I have contrived for them to see. Sometimes this is an intimate glimpse of a person at rest and unguarded, sometimes a snapshot of a subject poised as if ready to speak. I attempt to transport the viewer to another place and time.”

Case’ studio is located in Irmo; she can be reached to discuss bespoke fine art portrait sessions at