Hardy King’s Ranting Continues

Response to Hardy King’s Letter to Editor of November 30, 2023, regarding Phyllis Coleman’s Residency

The Lexington County Election Commission’s finding as a result of a hearing on 11/22/23 regarding Phyllis Coleman’s residency, it was determined that Phyllis met the requirements to run for office in the town of Irmo in which she won a council seat fairly, squarely, and legitimately.

I find it downright appalling and rightly so borderline racist from Mr. King to constantly go to great lengths to get the SC State Election Commission (SCEC) and the State of SC Law Enforcement Division (SLED) involved in an investigation as to whether or not Phyllis Coleman is a true resident and has honorable intentions in representing the town of Irmo.

Of course, Phyllis Coleman has honorable intentions of serving the town of Irmo to the best of her abilities. Phyllis Coleman is “THE ULTIMATE HOMETOWN/HOMEGROWN PERSON OF IRMO”. She grew up attending all the local Irmo Schools. She graduated from Irmo High School in 1977. She went on to Northwestern University in Illinois on scholarship. Upon graduating from Northwestern University with BS degree, she worked in the computer industry in Chicago, IL and in other areas in the United States and eventually came back to her roots here in Irmo, SC.

A lot of you know that Phyllis Coleman is a member of one of the most distinguished and founding families in Irmo. Phyllis’ mother, the late Lily Corley, was a direct descendent of the Corley family. The Corley family is one of the families that predates the formation of the town of Irmo and goes back several generations. The Corley family helped build and shape this town of Irmo, SC. Phyllis has countless relatives in and around the immediate Irmo area well as a great many supporters in Irmo. I do not see why you, Mr. King, are questioning her integrity. Phyllis Coleman had made the decision to run and to give back to the town of Irmo by campaigning for leadership in the town of Irmo. She is one of the persons who truly have deep roots in the community unlike yourself who moved here from Alabama.

Now as far as Phyllis Coleman’s having bought a house at 1211 Hyatt Street in Columbia, SC, there are plenty of people who own property elsewhere (i.e., beach house in Charleston, SC, lake house on Lake Murray, mountain house in the mountains of North Carolina) and establish residency where they wish to establish residency. In Phyllis Coleman’s case, she moved from 1211 Hyatt Street to take care of her ailing mother who had fallen as she stated. Her mother could no longer be left alone. Phyllis moved into her mother’s home to keep a watchful eye on her therefore residing at 7336 Mowers Street. How is she so different from anybody else who moves back home to take care of an ailing parent?
Phyllis Coleman’s residency is now at 7336 Mowers Street. To the best of my limited knowledge, the house that she resides in was willed to Phyllis and there was mix up at probate time in which Phyllis is currently in the process of taking care of.

So, I guess what you are really saying Mr. King is that Phyllis should not have dared to run and win public office whereas your endorsed candidate, Gabriel Penfield originally from Louisiana lost. Do you and Gabriel have to own property in the town of Irmo in order to run for office? What about renters?
Then again, Mr. Hardy King, how does Phyllis Coleman’s energy usage at 7336 Mowers Street have anything to do with anything? Why are you so concerned about her power usage? Who supplied you with her power bill amounts? Remember, Phyllis is living in the house alone.

Why should it be your concern as well as anybody’s concern, as to when she does repairs to her house? Phyllis is just like anybody else I know who has to find the right people to do the work correctly (i.e., vetting the repair persons) and perhaps get her budget together to have repairs or whatever done. What is so wrong about her doing what she wants to do to the house where she now resides when she wants to do it? Why do you assume that no repairs were being done before you started paying attention?
I sincerely have faith and confidence in Phyllis Coleman to carry out her duties as the first Black elected councilwoman on Irmo’s Town Council as she is a viable, capable, no-nonsense, inclusive, and fair person to represent all the citizens of the town of Irmo, SC.
Susan Walker
Irmo, SC resident