Incompetence, dereliction, and quite possibly corruption.

Every Flag Officer within the sphere of the Joint Chiefs should immediately be cashiered.

WHY is it shocking that the Taliban advance is so quick? Who is doing the planning? Watching this is proof and empirical evidence of ineptitude at the highest level. And yet, this is NOTHING compared to the underlying message of incompetence, dereliction, and quite possibly corruption.

One of the basic tenets of military withdrawal is that, if you can’t take materiel and equipment with you, you render it useless so it can’t be used against you. Every trained military person knows this and had done so for millennia. Capitulation or defeat are the only normal circumstances where this doesn’t happen — because you’re dead and or otherwise can’t act. I don’t see that being the case here.

What we’re seeing now is a new phenomenon — healthy undefeated troops effectively giving their enemy their own arms as they walk away. There is no excuse. Every Humvee, every drone, every ammunition crate, should be DESTROYED before any withdrawal. The Biden administration and the Biden administration generals in charge of this dereliction are effectively giving our technology to the Chinese waiting in the wings, and to the Taliban knocking on the door of our embassy in Kabul.

It is shameful. And I have to ask, is it corrupt also? Was there some kind of deal struck? Why else would we leave intact usable arms, materiel, and munitions for our enemies? Cui bono? Clearly, the ultimate beneficiaries are the CCP. Does the CCP have some kind of leverage that could bring about what would otherwise be military insanity?

Perhaps we should ask Hunter.

An absolute disgrace.

And so it goes.

Jeff Dickson