Irmo High School Student Council wins National award

The Student Council of Irmo High School International School for the Arts, affectionately known as Irmo StuCo, has been honored with the 2024 National Gold Council of Excellence award by the National Association of Student Councils (NASC), a program supported by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

Irmo StuCo Sponsor Eric Coleman expressed pride in the student leaders, stating, “These students work hard for all of the events and activities they host, and I am so proud that they were able to secure this recognition.”

Despite facing numerous changes in recent years, Irmo StuCo has remained dedicated to its mission of developing students into leaders, serving the community, and representing the school. From small initiatives like decorating the school to larger events such as hosting the annual Goodwill Brunch for local seniors, Irmo StuCo has focused on creating a welcoming environment for all.

NASSP CEO Ronn Nozoe commended Irmo High for its dedication to student voice and positive climate, stating, “Irmo High has gone above and beyond in elevating student voice to ensure they are establishing a positive climate and culture, as well as fostering academic and social growth for all.”

Spirit committee leaders Baxley Baker and Peyton Tapp highlighted the council’s commitment to service and unity within the student body. Dr. Kaaren Hampton, Principal of Irmo High School, echoed their sentiments, praising the council’s hard work and dedication to the community.

To earn the National Gold Council of Excellence Award, a student council must meet various criteria, including a written constitution, regular meetings, and successful sponsorship and participation in leadership development and service activities. This recognition underscores Irmo StuCo’s commitment to excellence and its positive impact on the school and community.