Making government transparent for all our residents is critical

Open Letter

Dear Editor:

Making government transparent for all our residents is critical. At the October 18th Irmo Town Meeting I asked some questions that deserve answers.

Agenda item B under New Business (X) Approval to use $25k from the Okra Strut to sponsor a gun buy-back program. Questions asked directly by me:

  • Exactly who is writing the check to the church, which I supposed would offer cash for mostly broken down guns – answer Okra Strut, who does not exist other than funded directly by the town on their behalf.
  • Why is the Okra Strut making political statements and funding something for political purposes?
  • Who first proposed the idea? the Mayor, Chief Dale, Administrator Courtney Dennis, Richland County Councilman Bill Malinowski or Sheriff Leon Lott – No answer
  • Why was this even approved by the Okra Strut on their agenda just weeks prior? No answer.
    This item passed with a 3 to 2 vote, dissenting Mayor Pro Tem Danielson and Councilman Busch.
  • Immediately thereafter, agenda item D under New Business (X) – Approval to accept a $27,373.61 grant for the police department from the FireHouse Subs Public Safety Foundation to purchase 12 AED’s. As it turns out the Town currently has none. When I asked directly to the Chief, Mayor and fellow council members – why would we not order 11 or 12 more AED’s with the $25K from the Okra Strut – no reply, deafening silence.

This passed unanimously.

I believe our residents ought to be given answers to these questions and as Councilman, I will continue to ask.

Bill Danielson
Irmo Town Councilman