Masonic Brothers build a ramp for mobility challenged member

In a heartwarming display of fraternity and support, three dedicated members of the Boylston Masonic Lodge joined forces to construct a ramp, enhancing the mobility and safety of their fellow Brother, Carlos W. Gibbons.

Brother Gibbons, a cherished member of the lodge, faces mobility challenges, making the newly built ramp a crucial addition to his daily life. The ramp will allow him to navigate his surroundings more safely, eliminating the need for stairs.

A Lifetime of Masonic Dedication

Brother Carlos W. Gibbons boasts an impressive legacy as an Ancient Free Mason for over 60 years. At 94 years old, he has remained a loyal and dedicated member, contributing significantly to the Masonic community. Despite recent health challenges, including heart surgery, Brother Gibbons’ commitment to Masonic principles remains unwavering.

Brotherly Support in Action

The construction of the ramp is a testament to the strong bonds and mutual support within the Masonic Brotherhood. Brothers Bill Bouknight, Albert Stoudemire, and Gene Swygert, all Master Masons, collaborated on this project. Their collective efforts not only exemplify the Masonic commitment to aiding fellow members but also reflect the longstanding tradition of Masons engaging in community service.

Masons: Serving Beyond Lodge Walls

Masons are renowned for their commitment to community service, extending their assistance to various charitable endeavors. From supporting families affected by house fires to contributing to charities such as Boys Farm, Epworth Children’s Home, and Shriner’s Hospital for Crippled Children, Masons actively engage in uplifting their communities.

In addition to charitable initiatives, Masons also dedicate efforts to environmental stewardship, supporting education through initiatives like the Scottish Rite Language and Reading Center, and providing assistance to disabled veterans at Veterans Hospitals.

Brother Carlos W. Gibbons, beyond his membership in the Boylston Masonic Lodge, has held influential roles, including serving as Master of Richland 39, Board Member of the Scottish Rite Language and Reading Center, and contributing to various advisory boards.

The Boylston Masonic Lodge, situated in Ballentine, serves as a hub for these meaningful and impactful endeavors, reflecting the spirit of unity and service at the core of Masonic values.