Midlands Tech president announces retirement

Dr. Ronald L. Rhames has announced his plans to retire as president of one of the largest technical colleges in South Carolina. Rhames has been a part of the MTC family for 35 years: two years as a student and 33 as an employee, which includes eight years as the college president.

“We impact lives here at MTC. Little did I know back then how much MTC would impact mine. During my time here, we’ve done some remarkable things, and I am confident that when I retire, the college will continue to do remarkable things on behalf of our students, their families, and our community,” said Rhames.

He is the first graduate of any South Carolina Technical College to become president of an S.C. technical college and the first African American President of MTC.

“The promise we make to our students at Midlands Tech is ‘You can get anywhere from here,’” said Sandra Jackson, chair of the Midlands Technical College Commission and also an alumna of MTC. “To deliver on that promise requires passion, diligence, and imagination. Our community saw those traits in Rhames and knew that he was the right person to serve as president at the right time.”

As president, Rhames is MTC’s Chief Executive Officer and is accountable to the MTC Commission, the college’s board of trustees. Rhames began his career with the college in 1990, previously serving as MTC’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

The Midlands Technical College Commission will launch a nationwide presidential search for the best candidate to continue advancing the MTC mission. Rhames is expected to retire by June 30, 2024.