Minor violations leads to major charges

by Irmo Police Department

While on patrol last night, an Irmo Officer stopped a car for an equipment violation. It is important to note that these minor violations typically result in a warning. The suspect pulled into the 7-Eleven parking lot and as the Officer was walking up to the vehicle, they sped away, initiating a vehicle pursuit. After a relatively short pursuit that ended in Old Friarsgate, the suspect thought they might have a better chance of escaping on foot so they decided to ditch their car in someone’s yard, grabbed a black bag out of the car and ran off.

The officer, yelled out “Police, Stop!” but the suspect did not take his advice and continued to run. After a brief foot pursuit, the suspect realized that our officer had his Wheaties before the shift and was fully prepared for a whole triathlon, so they gave up and told the officer they were “done”. After being read their rights, officers asked why the suspect ran and they told officers that they had “a lot” of marijuana, 390 grams to be exact, which was found in the black bag along with numerous packets of marijuana wax, a digital scale and 2 cell phones.

The suspect was arrested and charged with the original equipment violation, Driving Under Suspension Second Offense, Failure to Stop on Command of Officer, Failure to Stop for Blue Light and Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana Third Offense, which means they have at LEAST 2 prior convictions for having “a lot” of marijuana.