Open Letter

Dear Mr. Kenneth Loveless, Vice Chair of Lexington Richland District 5 Board of Trustees,

The article in South Carolina-  The State newspaper released September 9, 2022 “LR5’s Loveless subpoenas Facebook for info on parents, teacher, attorney, media” is alarming on many levels.

You are an elected public servant representing Lexington Richland district five as the Vice chair of the BOT. The litigious nature you are exhibiting crosses the line and is no less than bullying parents, teachers and constituents as a public official.

My name is number 20. I have children in this district. You have publicly outed me for no reason other than your self serving beliefs.

My opinion of you as a representative of Lexington Richland 5 School Board has been formed by the things you have done and continue to do, lies told, innocent lives affected, pending alleged ethics violations etc. Nothing that an individual or group has said about you on Facebook has influence my opinion of you as a publicly elected official.

Stop inducing trauma upon families in your district.  You were not elected to wreak havoc and turmoil on parents, teachers nor constituents.

I am hard pressed to think of one positive thing that you have accomplished during your tenure on the BOT that was beneficial to the actual education of the children in Lexington Richland 5 School District.

There are many, many things you have done to systematically destroy this district and its reputation throughout the state of South Carolina.

Your role as a trustee is to help insure the education of our children. To rise above, put aside your personal agenda to make money and connections to further line your own pocket at your construction company.  You were to recuse yourself but failed to do so at the time you were directed to.

Your ethical obligation is to the students, faculty, staff and constituents of LexRich 5. Your agenda should not be to seek revenge or bully those you may believe have wronged you, real or imaginary.

How are the children and staff in LexRich 5? Not sure you have address this because you have been so consumed with litigation.

Frivolous litigation against parents, teachers and constituents that do not believe you are worthy to hold a seat of authority on this districts BOT. 

You are creating a hostile work environment for teachers and staff and have been for sometime. You have severely traumatized teachers and staff and have directly been responsible for numerous staff departures. 

Many constituents have stated that you, as a publicly elected official, are an untrustworthy and corrupt man who has no place in the decision making process of policies and procedures on this school board or any other board related to the education of children. I concur with the majority. My opinions are not malicious slander of you as a private citizen, in fact they are without malice. My opinions are of you in your capacity as the Vice Chair of the Lexington Richland 5 School Board of Trustees and based on your decision and direction you have steered this district.

At this moment you should simply resign from the Lexington Richland 5 School Board so that we my focus on the education of our children. If you cared about this district you would know this would be the most beneficial way for Lexington Richland 5 Schools to move in a positive direction and concentrate on education and not litigation.


Sheena Wilson

Lexington Richland 5 parent