Open Positions on the school board

Dear Editor,

I am writing today about the current election for the open positions on the Lexington-Richland School District Five board. My familiarity with District 5 goes back a number of years. My wife and I moved to Irmo 38 years ago and we have lived in Chapin for the past 31 years. All three of our three children attended District 5 schools beginning in kindergarten.

Over the past several years I have watched in disappointment as a majority of the District 5 school board have:

  • Discouraged feedback by making it more difficult for the public to express opinions.
  • Increasingly ignored the wants and desires of the public.
  • Shown a significant lack of fiscal restraint.
  • Become staunchly antagonistic to those on the board who disagree with their agenda.

We need new leadership and new attitudes in District 5; new leaders who will listen and act on the desires and needs of those living in the district, not simply those sitting on the board.

This November gives us the chance to effect this change by electing Rebecca Hines, Catherine Huddle and Matt Hogan. I am especially glad to see Catherine Huddle run as I have known her for many years, both personally and professionally and I have the utmost respect for her capabilities.

I encourage everyone to vote (HHH) this November –
Huddle and Hines in Lexington and Hogan in Richland.


Ray Brush