Newcomer Matt Hogan ousted veteran trustee Robert Gantt in Tuesday’s election for a Richland County seat on the District 5 School Board. Hogan received 10,127 votes, according to unofficial returns released Wednesday by the county election office. Gantt, the board’s longest-serving member, received 8,336. Newcomer Jane Westbury came in third with 3,842Continue Reading

Catherine Huddle and Rebecca Blackburn Hines emerged victorious Tuesday in the heated contest for two Lexington County seats on the District 5 School Board. Huddle was the night’s leading vote-getter with 10,757, according to preliminary totals from the County Election Commission. Hines came in second with 8,842. Trailing were April AlsupContinue Reading

There are several reasons for a needed change on the current school board. The most important one is the lack of fiscal responsibility. Another is the lack of planning and equity spending on our existing schools in the Irmo area. One example was the decision made to spend money onContinue Reading

I have read that some members of the public believe that where a trustee lives somehow effects the leadership that they might bring to the board. This district is relatively small in geographic area. Do you really believe that someone running for the board would not have concern for students,Continue Reading

If anyone wants cooperation, transparency, accountability and civility on our School Board, then Huddle and Hines in Lexington County and Matt Hogan in Richland will be your choice in 2 weeks. Those that control the board now have no desire for any of this. Huddle, Hines and Hogan all haveContinue Reading

Dear Editor, I am writing today about the current election for the open positions on the Lexington-Richland School District Five board. My familiarity with District 5 goes back a number of years. My wife and I moved to Irmo 38 years ago and we have lived in Chapin for theContinue Reading

With respect to the school board, I have seen it written lately by supporters of the “way we have always done it” that present and new members of the board will not have the proper experience to propel our school district’s students to the next level. Not only have theContinue Reading

Dear Community, I know that this year has brought more challenges than we ever expected. We have seen great loss as we entered the first pandemic that most of us have ever experienced. Many in our community found their businesses shuttered and livelihoods lost. Parents were required to bear aContinue Reading

A small few with the goal of maintaining a power grip on D5 would have you believe where a school board member lives is important. The truth is … it’s not about where a school board member lives but rather who are the BEST & MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATES with theContinue Reading

We have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca Blackburn Hines as small business owners in Chapin and, as former teachers, within this district and neighboring districts. When Rebecca told us she was running for the District 5 School Board, we could not think of a better person for the job.Continue Reading