Optimists learn about gratitude

The speaker for the August 19 meeting of St. Andrews Optimists was Daniel Rendelman. The speaker is an author, publisher, and lecturer who delivered a message on gratitude.

Drawing from his book “An Appreciation Awakening,” Rendelman spoke about approaching life’s situations with a thankful attitude. In his experience, adopting that approach at the outset often changes outcomes for the better. In his words, “What say about— becomes what you think about— becomes what you bring about.” He has found in his own life that approaching events with a thankful attitude tends to un-complicate them.

He also said it is not as important to be grateful for every situation as it is to be grateful in every situation. Or as one of his sources said: “If grateful, then no longer fearful.”

Pictured are Daniel Rendelman with Optimist Club President Mike Myers (L) and speaker host David Chafitz (R), who presented the speaker with a copy of the Optimist Creed.