Pop-up art show Saturday

Richland Library is hosting its final pop-up art show of 2021 at Richland Library Ballentine on December 18 from noon – 2 pm.

The shows aim to highlight the work of local, emerging visual artists and their personal ties to the specific communities where libraries are located. Stop in to meet the artist, browse the art or make a purchase.

Moona Wu is a published Chinese author and illustrator who has lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years. She has published eleven books in China and an English picture book on Amazon.

Living in South Carolina for many years, Moona likes to use the arts to express Southern local color, such as landscapes and iconic plants, like oak trees, crepe myrtle, and muscadines. Many of her novels and short stories are set in the deep south.

The library is at 1200 Dutch Fork Road, Irmo. For questions contact Anika Thomas at 803-929-3426 or [email protected].