Service over self

It is with honor that I endorse Councilman Bill Danielson for re-election. He has lived in Irmo for over 30 years and served this community in various capacities. “Service Over Self” defines Bill Danielson.

Bill Danielson’s fiscal accomplishments in less than two years are unparalleled. He offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. Councilman Danielson represents the best interests of the town and its citizens. His strategic post-pandemic economic recovery efforts allowed businesses to remain open. Bill understands the economic engine built on local businesses attracting workers and residents is essential for lasting change. Councilman Danielson’s plan for sustainability utilizes a smart growth approach. Bill Danielson has a spotless record of serving so many organizations and was even appointed by Governor Hailey to the commission that leads South Carolina Dept. Of Disabilities and Special Needs.

Councilman Daniel promotes development that is environmentally sensitive, economically viable, community-oriented, and beneficial to everyone. Councilman Danielson served this town faithfully with unwavering dedication for two years. He never compromised, remained loyal, and provided a new revenue source.

I encourage all citizens to vote for Bill Danielson. He is the future of this Town. Our Town. Our Future.

Marie Ryan