Seven Oaks Elementary School Launches 2024 with Achievements and Celebrations

Seven Oaks Elementary School Global Magnet wasted no time kicking off the new year with a series of celebrations and recognitions. Since the return from Winter Break, students have been acknowledged for their accomplishments in the first half of the school year, as well as their positive behavior throughout January.

On January 24th, Wednesday, students enjoyed a lively “Snow Glow Dance Party” as a reward for embodying the school’s core values of being safe, respectful, and responsible. Those who successfully demonstrated the “3 Bs” were treated to a dance party in the multipurpose room, complete with vibrant music, glow sticks, and black lights. The event was a hit among students and the attending adults.

To mark the beginning of February, staff, students, and their families gathered for a 1st Semester Academic Recognition and Awards Celebration. Throughout the day on Friday, February 2, families and staff celebrated the hard work exhibited by students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Students received recognition for improvements in Math and ELA, meeting growth goals on standardized testing, excelling in Related Arts, and adhering to the school’s “3 Bs.”

The Seven Oaks Elementary School community is excited about the prospects of continued hard work and positive outcomes as they embark on the second semester of the school year. The commitment to academic excellence and fostering a positive school environment remains a priority for both students and educators.