Students win awards during National Senior Beta Convention

School District Five students earned numerous awards at this year’s National Senior Beta Club convention held in Savannah, Georgia June 16 – 19.

The theme for this year’s convention was Beta: A Voyage of Adventure. Eligible students from across the country competed to place in the top ten for national academic awards for grades 9-12, numerous group competitions such as Robotics, Technology, and Engineering, and individual competitions such as Poetry, Creative Writing, Speech, Jewelry Making, and Design. The National Beta leaders listen to student and sponsor feedback and are constantly revising and improving their virtual and live events.

The following is a list of winners from School District Five:

Agriscience: 11th Grade

3rd Place: Olivia Meihofer (Dutch Fork High)

Biomedical Health Science: 11th Grade

5th Place: Aamina Azhar (Dutch Fork High)

Science: 12th Grade

3rd Place: Seigo Maeda (Dutch Fork High)

Science: 11th Grade

2nd Place: Ashley Shin (Dutch Fork High)

Science: 10th Grade

1st Place: Thomas McKinney (Dutch Fork High)

Language Arts: 11th Grade

2nd Place: Leo Sun (Dutch Fork High)

Math: 11th Grade

8th Place: Jennifer Liu (Dutch Fork High)

Social Studies: 10th Grade

6th Place: Daniel Luethner-Barrineau (Dutch Fork High)

Digital Portfolio

9th Place: Ashley Shin (Dutch Fork High)

Two-Dimensional Design

8th Place: Ashley Shin (Dutch Fork High)

Division II Painting 2nd Place: Allie Wetmore (Chapin High