The Town of Irmo recognized March 25 as Cherry Blossom Day at the regular town council meeting on Tuesday, Mary 21. The town planted cherry trees in the Irmo Town Park and for the last six years celebrates the Irmo Cherry Blossom Festival. Cherry trees originated in Japan and wereContinue Reading

Clouds of cherry blossoms are a sign of the arrival of spring. The 6th annual Irmo Cherry Blossom Festival honors these exuberantly flowering trees that remind us of the beauty and the preciousness of life. The official celebration takes place Saturday, March 25, 10:00 am-5:00 pm (Rain Date, March 26)Continue Reading

The Irmo Cherry Blossom Festival held its annual activities Saturday, March 26. People came in kimonos and costumes to enjoy several activities, including a Kimono Stroll, Plein Air Painting Day, and Cosplay Morning. Blossom lovers brought picnics and took photographs under the spreading trees. Saturday morning, Irmo Town Park hadContinue Reading