Koon’s Watch In the almost six years I’ve served as your sheriff, I’ve made sure we, at the Sheriff’s Department, are doing all we can to help make Lexington County’s roads safer. We’ve worked with the South Carolina Highway Patrol to respond to crashes and on enforcement initiatives to saveContinue Reading

Koons Watch The happenings of this past year have more people at home than ever before. Whether your favorite events are still canceled, your get-togethers have turned digital, your still working from home or you’re simply enjoying settling into family life more—one thing is for sure: we see a lotContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch A new year brings up many feelings and opportunities to resolve to do certain things that may have missed the mark in 2020. Maybe we set goals to purge our closets, to make more friends or even be more organized. Whatever it might be that you want toContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch I was honored this week to take my third oath of office to serve as your Sheriff. Because of the current COVID-related conditions, I did so in a small, private ceremony with family, friends and colleagues at the Sheriff’s Department. The feel of the event provided me withContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch With Christmas season comes more generosity. People are giving and sharing and spreading holiday joy. This is the perfect time for thieves to take advantage of your generosity and distraction of holiday celebrations. They use world events like the newest vaccine to trick people into buying fake productsContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch Not a creature was stirring, except the awesome delivery drivers. Many people receive the majority of their package deliveries this month, and even more so in 2020. And thieves know that means an easy payday. Over the next few weeks, deputies are conducting extra patrols in your neighborhoodsContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch   You might have most of your holiday shopping done already, or be like me—working through your lists when you have the free time. This time of year brings about extra concerns, whether shopping online or in stores. Especially with extra distractions brought on by COVID-19 and aContinue Reading