By Mike DuBose Who can say they never had any life’s regrets? Haven’t we all blindly traveled down what appeared as appealing roads that unexpectedly turned into nightmares? And, made stupid decisions, experienced turbulent relationships, or did things that led to traumatic outcomes which stick to us—like super glue? IContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose Previously, we focused on the largest family expenses—housing, transportation, and food. Let’s continue. Automobile and Home Insurance zaps 20 percent of household costs. Rates are based on multiple variables, so independent agents can compare different companies’ deals. Scott Mosely of Irmo Insurance reported families often don’t communicateContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose With prices soaring, saving is a critical lifestyle for living comfortably, preparing for unexpected expenses, and achieving secure retirements. Previously, we shared broad saving categories—seeking deals, developing budgets, and striving to be debt free. Let’s continue our journey. Homes: If planning to buy real estate, markets areContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose Consumers are plagued by soaring prices, empty shelves, and hard-to-find items since the Covid Pandemic interrupted supply chains. Families, with limited income, experienced the fiercest struggles, often depleting savings, borrowing money, or tapping retirement funds. Many are penny-pinching, even dangerously reducing vital medicines and food to survive.Continue Reading

By Mike DuBose with Surb Guram, MD Olive oil is part of the formula for healthier lives, especially when combined with regular exercise and consuming foods found in the Mediterranean Diet. Its use was documented in Greece and Italy dating back 6,000 years. While beneficial for cooking, salads, and dips,Continue Reading

By Mike DuBose We recently discussed inferior products and services inflamed by poor customer service. Now, we outline successful complaining techniques. Park emotions: After experiencing frustrating, dreadful avenues to resolve problems, it’s often difficult to calm down. Before launching full-scale, feel-good attacks towards people or organizations, carefully develop complaint strategies.Continue Reading

Part 2 Why do people complain? After all, it’s a natural part of human behavior. People complain about anything from the weather, dangerous drivers, slow WI-FI, waiting in line, and leaving toilet seats up! Simply stated, if something doesn’t meet our expectations, we’re going to let someone know! This spillsContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose Everyone has experienced rude or bad customer service, defective products, long telephone-wait-times, and staff or contractors who “overpromise and underdeliver!” When you call for help, some astonishing examples of customer-service frustrations are: Contacting the DMV and hearing 50+ times, from recorded, unenthusiastic tones, “It’s a great dayContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose Sleep is one of the most fascinating events I have studied over the last decade. The greatest question persists: “Why do most individuals ‘sleep like babies’ while one-third of the population experiences insomnia, frequent awakenings, and unpredictable early risings?” In order to achieve a peaceful night’s rest,Continue Reading

By Mike DuBose Entrepreneurs differ on what makes their businesses successful, but no one-philosophy fits all. Most will correctly shout—“hard work.” Many elements, when combined, make organizations flourish. After reading more than 100 books on breeding successful, customer-driven companies, failing miserably at times, doing everything wrong possible, and learning fromContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose Many readers have inquired: “Why do we voluntarily publish articles and how are they developed?” If you knew my background growing up in Darlington on a rural, dirt road, you might wonder, “How did this redneck ever learn to write?” Until I developed this publication, I didn’tContinue Reading