Teacher support is a priority

I am proud to report our superintendent and our school board is committed to exploring additional ways to support our teachers. During the school board meeting last Monday, Dr. Ross presented a plan to create new ideas that can support our teachers because we know they are faced with new challenges and responsibilities far beyond those of teaching and learning.

Two outstanding teachers from D-5, both of who have been honored as S.C. State Teachers of the Year presented their ideas and suggestions on how D-5 could increase support for our new teachers. Dr. Ross plans to communicate to all our teachers that we recognize the need for added support. The board realizes this will take added resources. If we are to combat the teacher crisis facing this state and this nation, then we must find new ways to decrease the added stress and responsibilities heaped upon our teachers. The future and well-being of our students depend on our teachers.

I want to thank Dr. Buffy Murphy and Mrs. Amy Carter for their forward-thinking as they presented creative ideas to our board. Their passion and love for the teaching profession are obvious. And of course, as teachers, love for our students drives this passion.

Stay tuned as we move forward to find solutions to the added stress and responsibilities facing all our teachers and schools.

Jan Hammond

D-5 School Board Chair