Tools of the Trade Exhibition

Studio 3P, LLC is pleased to announce that their lead photographer Kimberly Case’s “Tools of the Trade Exhibition” will be shown on January 24 from 2:30-4:30 at the Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce.

This exhibition of fine art portraiture showcases 20+ portraits of local business owners, students, workers and creatives along with the tools of their trades. Each person photographed was asked to provide responses to a few questions, reflecting on the past few years and what their job, hobby or pastime has meant to them. A travel agent whose industry was severely affected by COVID shutdowns, students who were forced out of class during the pandemic, musicians who underwent dramatic life changes: these are a few of the subjects included in this diverse group.

Hallmarks of Case’s work are richness and whimsy. In this series, some of the subjects are posed literally with their tools, other subjects are posed more figuratively.

Case’s studio is located in Irmo; she can be reached to discuss bespoke fine art portrait sessions at [email protected]. Partial funding for this project was provided by a grant from the SC Arts Commission.