Town Council reviews bids for new Rawls Creek Skate Park

In a special town council meeting held on October 14th, the council heard presentations from two firms on the building of the Rawls Creek park. The park could offer multiple uses, including the centerpiece skate park, walking trails, dog park, community gardens and playground. Each of these amenities would be funded by special interest groups for each project with the town funding the infrastructure for the park. Infrastructure would include the restrooms, upgraded lighting and walking trails. The total cost for the park is estimated at around 1.9 million but could reach as high as 2.2 million depending on final plans.

ADC Engineering, a civil engineering firm, which has offices in Irmo was represented by Bruce Todd who presented the plans to the council. ADC has over thirty years of experience in working with Recreation Departments including projects for Richland County REC and Kershaw County REC. Todd, a partner in the firm, gave a slide presentation with breakouts for each of the projects that would be included in the park and noted that these projects could be constructed individually or simultaneously depending on the funding from the special interest groups.

Hybrid Engineering, a civil, structural and engineering firm, was represented by the firm’s president, Doug Clary, and Larry Watts. The firm is also located in the Irmo area and has nearly 15 years of experience in the business. Hybrid Engineering was also instrumental in the design of Irmo Town Park.

Clary said, “Looking at the design plans for the project that this certainly has a WOW factor that would increase the quality of life for all residents and visitors to the Irmo area.”

Mayor Walker believes that the council has a good grasp on the project after hearing the presentations and that the town envisioned the park would be completed in pieces as the special interest groups are able to obtain funding.

Councilwoman Kathy Condom said, “The town certainly has experience in building parks and is supportive of more walking trails and community gardens.” Mrs. Condom was concerned about the costs and asked multiple times about the effects of inflation on construction.

Marie Ryan speaking during the presentation by citizens, and on behalf of the skate park, stressed to the council the importance of the design-build contractor having previous experience in the construction of the skate park. “There is a lot more to building a skate park than pouring and forming concrete.”

The only additional agenda item to approve the resolution acknowledging the digital sign located at 1150 Lake Murray blvd as a non-conforming sign was deferred as councilman Sickinger requested the contract or “Memorandum of Understanding” between Grace Outdoor, the town and Macedonia Church be located.

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