Town of IRMO Purchases 9.87 acres for Community Park expansion

Statement on land purchase from Mayor Barry Walker.

I am pleased to report the Town of Irmo, South Carolina recently completed the purchase of approximately 10 acres of land located adjacent to the Irmo Community Park.  I was heavily involved in the acquisition and installation of the community park.  The Town is very proud of this facility.  It has been a real asset to the Town since its original construction. 

​​The 10-acre acquisition of property between the community park and the Union United Methodist Church almost doubles the size of the park.  The potential for this additional land to contribute to the overall quality of life in Irmo is substantial.  

​I have been involved in negotiations for the acquisition of this property along with others from the Town for almost 10 years.  We did pay a premium price for the property but the amount paid should pale in comparison to the benefit received over the coming years by the Town.  

​It is the desire of the Town Council and myself to assist in the development of the area and to create a real town center adjacent to the Irmo Community Park.  We sincerely hope to announce some projects in the new area of the park in the immediate future. ​

The imposition of a hospitality tax in Irmo was controversial.  I struggled long and hard with the decision in regard to the hospitality tax.  It does appear we can use the hospitality tax to make serious improvements in the area of the community park and to provide additional facilities for our community to enjoy.

In the coming months, I hope to report to you on the Town’s progress related to the new 10 acres.  We have a potential rendering for our “wish list” regarding the Town and it is available at any time for inspection by citizens at Town Hall. ​

The Town of Irmo is blessed with a Public Works Department and with a citizens committee that works with the Town for the overall beautification of our community.  Irmo has parks, recreation areas and landscaping second to none in the Midlands.  We are very proud of the progress we are making with our parks and recreation facilities and with our continued landscaping. 

​I sincerely offer my thanks to Whitt Cline who is Director of our Public Works Department.  Mr. Cline and his staff are true public servants and have worked tirelessly on our efforts to keep Irmo looking like the special area it is.​

If anyone has any suggestions or comments related to this new recreational area, I am at your disposal at any time to listen to you.  ​I wish my very best to all residents of Irmo and the surrounding area in this holiday season.  Many thanks to all who have helped make this new part of our park a reality. 

Mayor Barry Walker