Town’s penny tax submissions approved by county

The Town of Irmo was granted 9 improvements from the proposed ‘penny tax’ that voters will decide on in November. The Capital Project Sales Tax was passed by the Lexington County Council in July to fund roadway resurfacing and restorations throughout the county. 

Towns and municipalities in the county submitted projects that they would like to see addressed by the tax and Irmo was granted nine of those requests.

They include the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Carlisle Street and Lake Murray Blvd. along with road improvements on Carlisle St. and Moseley Ave. by putting in a concrete median on Lake Murray Blvd. at Woodrow St.

Intersection improvements at St. Andrews Rd. and Thames Valley Rd. with a dedicated left turn lane in each direction on St. Andrews Rd.

Resurfacing and paving of College Street near Midlands Technical College. Resurfacing and paving Lexington Ave. and Gibbs St. and an extension of Gibbs to allow better access to the school. Roadway improvements on Columbia Ave. which would include widening along with new drainage and curbs.

“These are all good things for the town,” said Town Administrator Courtney Dennis. “Some are long overdue.”

Projects were scored and ranked by a committee on their significance and prioritized.

“This is not County Council that is passing this tax,” Councilman Todd Cullum said. “This is allowing the people that elected all of us to have a say in this matter.”

The tax, if passed, is projected to reap $536 million for infrastructure Improvements in the county.