Treasurer returns unclaimed funds to Jim Hudson

State Treasurer Curtis Loftis recently presented Jim Hudson, founder and principal of the Jim Hudson Automotive Group, with nearly $26,000 in unclaimed funds due to his business and various dealerships throughout the state.

“I love returning unclaimed property to people across South Carolina, and I am certainly glad when we can return funds to local businesses like the Jim Hudson Automotive Group,” said Loftis. “They employ more than 700 people and regularly contribute so much to our Midlands community.”

“No one thinks they have unclaimed funds,” Loftis added. “The reality is individuals, schools, churches and even businesses like Jim Hudson can have missing funds. We’re grateful when we can get these funds back into the hands of the rightful owners.”

Currently, the State Treasurer’s Office has more than $700 million in unclaimed property across the state. Millions of dollars are transferred to the program annually by companies that cannot locate the owners. The State Treasurer’s Office acts as custodian of those funds until the rightful owners can be located.

Loftis encourages everyone to check the State Treasurer’s Office website at to see if there is any unclaimed property for you, your family or business.