Whatever It Takes

The Lexington Richland 5 School Board has been working hard and doing whatever it takes to ensure all students receive a quality education with equity among facilities as well as differentiated educational resources depending on individual needs that may be unique to each school. We appreciate Dr. Ross as he brings forth his plan to improve facilities at our older schools as well as his plan to recruit and retain quality teachers in an environment across our state and nation that sees the stress and added responsibilities result in the loss of many dedicated teachers. 

As chair, I have watched every member of this board give extra time and energy to serve on various committees that are ensuring our procurement, construction, and policies are addressed in a setting that allows for discussion and detailed consideration. These committees allow regular board meetings to be more efficient and transparent. All of these efforts result in a more productive scheduled meeting.  

At our October 25th meeting this board voted for the “Fifty’s Friday” as a bonus for appreciation to our dedicated employees. Every Friday all currently employed permanent employees will receive $50.00 if they have been at school for that entire week. This will go into effect in January of 2022 and be in place until June 3rd of 2022. This board also approved a one-time $1000.00 gift to be paid to all permanent employees hired as of November 1st, 2021.  This is to be paid as a “thank you”  during Education Appreciation Week.

This board truly has a vision. We are making a real difference. We are doing whatever it takes to ensure we are offering our students the very best education. Dr. Ross presented the board with a new First Jobs Initiative which this board wholeheartedly supports. Students in our High Schools can have real work experience and can actually earn income. Some of the options are landscaping, cafeteria, custodial,  clerical and CDL training. The details are being worked out by staff with legal guidance from Kathy Mahoney. This is so exciting for the future of our students in D5. It is a work-based learning program that connects the school to a career. It is a bridge between school and a job. This will also develop self-management skills such as dependability, leadership and time management.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new board member Tifani Moore. We are excited and look forward to working with her. I know she has already had a positive impact and she too will do whatever it takes to make sure D5 is the best school district in the state. 

Please stay tuned to the many exciting plans this hard-working board has as we ” do whatever it takes” to ensure the best education for every student and whatever it takes to make sure we keep our awesome teachers and staff.

Jan HammondLexington

Richland 5 School Board chair