“What’s in it for my child?’

When each of us answers the key question: “What’s in it for my child?’ we have to be honest with ourselves. Not all graduates will be able to do computer work. That has been borne out most painfully with the pandemic. There are many service industries where the stay at home model simply does not apply.

For that reason and a myriad of others, we must pursue Excellence for All by establishing strong ties with our business community. And, to that point, businesses bear the brunt of taxation for the operations of schools. They are stakeholders and should reap the rewards of hiring our schools’ amazing graduates.

Public/private partnerships provide career exposure to our students. Anything that promotes positive life experiences to young people should be available to those qualified.

Take a hard look at the candidates running for school board. Which ones have the ability to make a difference?

One of those I am excited to support is Rebecca Blackburn Hines. Rebecca has a Juris Doctor, is a former small business owner and the immediate past President/CEO of the Chapin Chamber of Commerce. During her tenure at the Chamber, she grew substantially the membership of local businesses in our community. Our company participated in events hosted through the Chapin Chamber and our District 5 high schools. She collaborated with and invited career guidance professionals, parents and business. She brought together stakeholders through the central theme that businesses desperately need new, qualified sources of talent.

Rebecca has my vote.

Ken Loveless