Wilson’s 2022 Legislative Agenda Tour

I am grateful for the opportunity to have begun the new year by touring the district and talking to the media about my legislative focus areas for 2022.

Joined by city and county officials along the way, our stops included West Columbia, Aiken, North Augusta and Barnwell. In each location, I spoke about the current challenges before us, reviewed some key accomplishments in 2021, and then, shared highlights of my goals moving forward.

Unfortunately, since Biden took the oath of office on January 20, American families have suffered under Democrat policies, destroying jobs. As a result, our country faces unprecedented adversity.

  • Americans are struggling with inflation of consumer products.
  • Energy independence has been replaced by energy dependance, resulting in skyrocketing costs.
  • Our country is endangered by the ongoing invasion of illegal aliens at our Southern Border.
  • Terrorist threats of suicide bombers are being ignored.
  • Crime is out of control with the defunding of police, and no cash bail.
  • COVID virus policies are destroying jobs and crushing schools.
  • Feeble response to Putin is putting Ukrainian families at risk of mass murder.
  • Bowing to China as it continues the genocide of Uyghur Muslims.
  • Capitulating to Iran as it shouts, “Death to America. Death to Israel.”

Appeasement in Afghanistan leading to 13 American heroes being murdered, the abandonment of Americans in the country, and establishing Afghanistan as a safe haven to attack American families. The effects of the free-spending policies of Democrats, including the Biden-supported, multi-trillion-dollar spending bill, more accurately dubbed ‘Build Back Bankrupt,’ will only further contribute to the 40-year high inflation rate. These wasteful expenditures will saddle our children and grandchildren with unimaginable debt and destroy jobs, while for older Americans, the Biden policies are crushing retirement accounts, undermining Social Security and compromising Medicare. Biden inflation policies have increased costs, wiping out wage gains, destroying jobs. Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was correct, “Socialism will work until you run out of spending other people’s money.”

Nonetheless, throughout these challenges, there were several positive and welcomed congressional actions taken in 2021 which represent valuable steps forward. Here are a few highlights of legislation I introduced or supported last year that became law:

  • Investment in South Carolina’s military installations by funding Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island’s Entry Control Facility, Fort Jackson’s reception barracks, Joint Base Charleston’s Fire and Rescue Station, McEntire Joint National Guard Base’s Hazardous Cargo Pad, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort’s Instrument Landing System, and more.
  • Authorization of full funding for the missions of the Savannah River Site, including laying the groundwork for the Savannah River Plutonium Processing Facility and modernization of the nuclear triad as payment in lieu of taxes, continues for Barnwell and Aiken counties.
  • Prevention of the Defense Department from dishonorably discharging a servicemember who refuses the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Continued funding for deployment of the National Guard to the Southern U.S. border.
  • Establishment of an independent commission to review the entirety of the Afghanistan War, including the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from that country by the Biden administration, creating a safe haven for terrorists.
  • Now, in reference to my 2022 Agenda (see attachment), the following is just a sampling of specific issues and legislation I will continue to advocate this year:
  • Legislation nullifying President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on private employers with more than 100 employees.
  • Encourage a pilot program allowing a limited number of states to permit the operation of trucks weighing above the federally allowable maximum of 80,000 pounds to ease strains on the supply chain.
  • Bill to prevent American workers from being forced to join a union or pay union fees, maintaining Right to Work. Bill empowering military families with members who have special needs by creating a community-based, all-volunteer advisory council to ensure they are supported when they change duty stations or their service member deploys.
  • Legislation to strengthen U.S. sanctions on Iran’s conventional weapons program regarding the supply, sale, or transfer of unmanned drones threatening Israel and our Arab allies.

Much remains to be done, but I am committed to the people of South Carolina’s Second District and will continue to work hard to keep us all safe, promote jobs and help make our lives and communities stronger.

Photo: Congressman Wilson with the assisting law enforcement officers at the Barnwell stop