Candidate Support

As a lifelong resident of Irmo, Dutch Fork High School graduate, and now the parent of a future Lex/Rich 5 student, I have a very strong desire to see the district continue to thrive. While I acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of the current School Board, I believe that it is time to usher in change to propel our district forward. This district needs elected officials who are forward thinking, and that are willing to address the critical issues facing the district and its constituents (such as growth and rezoning) head on. For these reasons I am writing to express my support for Rebecca Blackburn Hines’ campaign for a Lexington County seat on the District 5 School Board.

I’ve known Rebecca and her family for over 10 years, and can fully attest to her desire to serve her community and represent all individuals within our district. Rebecca is a proven leader, and has a great deal of experience working with and bringing diverse groups of people together for a common purpose through her work and volunteering efforts. I believe that if elected, Rebecca will continue being open and transparent with our community and ensuring that the best opportunities will be provided for our children to reach their full potential and have their individual needs met. As a parent, I want someone who does not have an agenda other than to look after our children’s best interests. Please join me in supporting Rebecca Blackburn Hines, and help usher in new leadership to District 5.

Ryan Lukshis
District 5 Resident