Congratulations to Mayor-Elect Bill Danielson

Dear Mayor-Elect Bill Danielson,

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on your successful campaign and election as the new Mayor of IRMO. The race was indeed spirited, and your victory is a testament to the trust and support you have garnered from the community.

I believe in the importance of a smooth transition of power in our democratic system, and I am committed to ensuring that the handover is as seamless as possible. I have always held the best interests of the Town of IRMO close to my heart, and I have faith that you will lead with dedication and integrity.

I am confident that with your leadership and the collective efforts of your new council and administration, the Town of IRMO will continue to progress and thrive. I offer my best wishes and support as you embark on this important journey.

Once again, congratulations, Mayor-Elect Danielson. I look forward to witnessing the positive changes you will bring to our town.


Mayor Barry Walker