Councilman speaks to Optimists

Irmo Town Councilman Bill Danielson spoke recently to the Optimist Club of St. Andrews-Irmo.

In his presentation, in addition to taking questions for the Club members, Danielson updated those in attendance on three key areas, among many, on which he is focused:

  1. Broad Road widening project, which is running behind schedule. Danielson pledged to remain alert to the nuances involved in having the appropriate entities involved and authorized to move the project forward. 
  2. Commercial planning and zoning. This area has not been revisited since 2017 while demographic and commercial realities continue to evolve.
  3. The issue of affordable housing needs the council’s attention. Federal law insists that a certain percentage of any town entails affordable housing, although the form that housing constitutes is not clearly defined.

Danielson’s explanations of these issues are available in video form on his Facebook page, his primary means of communicating with the town’s citizens.

Pictured are Club President Mike Myers, Councilman Bill Danielson, and speaker host John Manjounes.