Dean Widener Announces Candidacy for South Carolina House of Representatives, District 85

Dean Widener, a dedicated Air Force veteran and former State Command Chief for the South Carolina Air National Guard, has officially declared his candidacy for the South Carolina House of Representatives, District 85. In challenging incumbent Jay Kilmartin for the seat, Widener aims to leverage his commitment to service in addressing the challenges that will contribute to the improvement of the community.

Widener, emphasizing a return to focusing on issues vital to the people, expressed his commitment to listening to voters, advocating for families, and prioritizing community safety. He stated, “Serving this community means everything to me, which is why I will fight tirelessly for our values and the issues that matter most.”

Key Focus Areas for Widener’s Campaign:

  1. Infrastructure Improvement: Collaborate with local leaders to address infrastructure challenges while safeguarding natural resources.

  2. Education System Enhancement: Allocate more funds to classrooms, empower parents to choose their child’s school, and ensure appropriate curriculum.

  3. Second Amendment Defense: Support the rights of law-abiding citizens to bear arms while addressing mental health challenges through targeted safeguards.

  4. Life Protection: Advocate for the protection of all life, expanded healthcare and resources for women, and restoration of family values.

  5. Veteran Support: Introduce more resiliency training to combat rising veteran suicides and reduce the tax burden on veterans.

  6. Public Safety Priority: Expand resources, improve pay, and enhance safety measures for first responders, focusing on making Lake Murray safer.

  7. Tax System Reform: Ensure a balanced budget, lower property taxes, and update outdated tax codes.

Dean Widener, currently serving as the owner of Widener Life and Health in Chapin, specializes in consulting military veterans and local citizens on securing the best possible insurance. With a background in the Air Force and a notable leadership role as the State Command Chief for the South Carolina Air National Guard, Widener brings a wealth of experience and commitment to his candidacy.

For more information about Dean Widener’s campaign, visit A resident of Chapin, Widener lives with his wife Lisa, and together they have three children: Savannah, Zachary, and Grayson. Additionally, he is a stepfather to Spencer and Erin Sox and a proud grandfather to Ellie and River Sox. Widener is an active member of the Chapin Christian Community Church.