District 5 moving forward

Open Letter

As Chair of the Lexington/Richland District 5 School Board, I want to assure our community that District 5 is moving forward.

We will be concentrating on the well-being of all our students. We will seek, and encourage, teacher input as we set our goals and vision for the District. Dr. Akil Ross and our administration will be presenting our 5 Year Strategic Plan to the Board with emphasis on bullying and classroom discipline. We will concentrate on providing a safe and effective learning environment.

This School Board is obligated to share our vision with the community. Setting goals for the board is so important in building trust and confidence with our community. Dr. Ross has already begun to concentrate on community building across our district. As a board, we are excited about moving forward in a positive and productive manner,

Jan Hammond

Chair, Lexington/Richland 5 School Board