District Five coordinator selected for leadership institutes

Lexington-Richland School District Five’s Coordinator of Youth and Family Services, Davida Price, has been selected to participate in two leadership institutes. Price has been selected to participate in the Fred Sheheen Non-profit Leadership Institute and SC Education Policy Fellows Program.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by the state of South Carolina for my work in the nonprofit arena as well as my work with education,” Price said. “I am excited to share my knowledge and represent School District Five and the state of South Carolina.”

The Fred Sheheen Non-profit Leadership Institute. The Non-Profit Leadership Institute teaches participates tools and strategies to boldly and effectively lead your organization. All seminars are led by non-profit leaders, university faculty, and public officials. Each interactive session provides practical insight, discussion of case studies, and peer collaboration.

The 2023-2024 Non-Profit Leadership Institute will be held from September through March. Institute graduates will earn three credit hours for a non-profit management course at Francis Marion University.

The SC Education Policy Fellowship Program (SC-EPFP) is a 10-month professional development program for established and emerging leaders in education and related fields designed to work toward the implementation of sound education policy and practice in South Carolina.

Since 2002, SC-EPFP has developed an influential cadre of alumni – sophisticated, broad-minded, and well-networked leaders representing all stakeholder groups – who act to improve South Carolina’s tomorrows through impactful education improvement and reform. These committed alumni connect with similar professionals across the U.S. – products of their program experiences in 17 state sites and the District of Columbia – under the umbrella of the 55-year-old Education Policy Fellowship Program of the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) in Washington, DC. Fellows will learn from experts working in education and other fields relating to children and families, and they will engage in dialogues with key decision-makers affecting public policy on the local, state, and national levels.

The program meets monthly September through June primarily in Columbia for a full day of knowledgeable presenters, interactive exercises, small group policy projects, and more. An in-state Leadership Retreat is scheduled for two days in October and a four-day Washington Policy Seminar hosted by the Institute for Educational Leadership is held in the nation’s capital in March.

“I am tremendously excited to celebrate Mrs. Davida Price on her selection as a participant of both the prestigious SC Education Fellowship Policy Program and the Fred Sheeheen Leadership Program for school year 2023-2024,” School District Five Chief of Student Services and Planning Michael Harris said. “Mrs. Price has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in the service and facilitation of early childhood programs. Ranging from her leadership as Coordinator of Youth and Family Services in School District Five to her tireless efforts and acts of service on various local and state boards, Mrs. Price represents the epitome of excellence in early childhood leadership. School District Five is head and shoulders above many because of professionals like Mrs. Davida Price.”