Driving with a Charge: Types of charging plugs

By Edward M. “JIB” Colie III

It can get confusing with four different plugs for charging EVs.

The most favorite is the SAE standard J-2772 which is the favored level one and level two AC charging plug.

Then there is the CCS1, known as the combined charging socket which allows for both AC and DC charging.

The “TESLA” plug is a proprietary plug designed for the TESLA EVs that allows for both high current AC and DC charging.

Then there is also a strange plug known as the CHADEMO in older EVs which has been ditched in favor of the CCS1.

Since the charging plugs are of different sizes you cannot put the wrong plug in the wrong socket.

No need to get confused if the plug fits in your EV just swipe your EV-GO credit over the socket and charge on.