By Edward M. “JIB” Colie III You have to admire Elon Musk. After he developed and patented the new brushless electric motor he declared his patents “open source”. This means that if you want to build an EV (electric vehicle)you can get a copy of his patents you can useContinue Reading

By: Edward M. “JIB” Colie III To start off let me clarify my attempt to explain the function of brushes in an electric motor. An electric motor works because of alternating magnetic fields between the stator meaning the interaction of the coils that form the outer part of the electric motorContinue Reading

By: Edward M.”JIB” Colie III Electric (EV) cars are nothing new. A little personal history Electric cars were popular back in the 1900s to 1930 when Mr. Ketteriing invented the electric Starter. Before the electric starter, it was Necessary to “hand-crank” and engine Internal combustion engine. The “hand-cranking” could beContinue Reading