Facts from Jan Hammond

Here are the facts the public needs to know.

This current School board has worked hard to ensure accountability and transparency to every taxpayer in a time in our country when every dollar counts. It is our students and teachers that are impacted by an economy suffering from inflation and economic uncertainties.

One important fact is we have addressed mental illness concerns and have implemented a way for our parents to find help for their children.

Although more help is needed, this board and Dr. Ross have begun the fight.

Another fact you need to know is that this board has addressed the long-needed facility renovations at Irmo High School. The Chapin High School Stadium needs have also been addressed. We look forward to these two long overdue projects being completed.

Dr. Ross and his staff, with support from this hard-working School Board, have implemented a plan to address discipline problems within our schools.

As a teacher myself, I can assure you, this is a major step for creating the best learning environment for all students.

Another important fact is we have implemented programs that are directed at teacher recruitment and retention.

The amazing fact is this School Board had been able to do good things for our students in spite of negative attacks from former school board members and their “puppets”, the State Paper, and those rude and spiteful people that want to spread half-truths and inaccurate information about D 5.

It is election season. Beware of lies and half-truths.

If you see a current School Board member from this hard-working board, thank them!

Jan Hammond
D5 School Board Chair
cell 803-920-2463