The election on November 8th is very important. I realize most people concentrate on State and National levels, however, please know that your School Board races are just as important. Local election of school board members will impact your children most directly and your pocketbook most directly. We must demandContinue Reading

I want to take this opportunity to thank the many supporters in the Irmo Chapin community for their kind words and the warm well wishes that I have received from the public. Thank the district for the beautiful ceremony at my last meeting. I want my family to know howContinue Reading

Here are the facts the public needs to know. This current School board has worked hard to ensure accountability and transparency to every taxpayer in a time in our country when every dollar counts. It is our students and teachers that are impacted by an economy suffering from inflation andContinue Reading

The false accusations made by an opinion piece in the State paper must be corrected. David Thomas Bland published an opinion piece in which he compared our fine district to a Dumpster Fire, He even included a picture of a dumpster fire in Myrtle Beach to clarify his meaning. Mr.Continue Reading