Fiscal responsibility lacking in D5

There are several reasons for a needed change on the current school board. The most important one is the lack of fiscal responsibility. Another is the lack of planning and equity spending on our existing schools in the Irmo area.

Jan Hammond D 5 Trustee 8th grade SS teacher in Lexington 2

One example was the decision made to spend money on a school site that could not be used and instead of exploring the options to address the problem of why we could not use the purchased property, the board voted 6 to my 1 no vote, to choose another site, that not only cost us more than it should have, but was chosen without any prior demographic study to determine the number of elementary students that would attend the school. Now the Chapin community must face rezoning in order to fill up a school that will have many of them leaving their neighborhood school to travel to Amicks Ferry Road.

Rezoning should have been done many years ago. I applaud Dr. Melton, whom I fully support, in her efforts to bring equity in school usage and address overcrowded areas. We need a board that supports her and that takes a leadership role in representing the community.

Let me also make it clear to the community, no candidate that I support has an agenda that involves our superintendent. That is a political ploy and a smear tactic. Dr.Melton is doing a great job.

Nikki Gardner and Ken Loveless have joined me in trying to work together with this board to address the many needs of District 5. It has been quite frustrating to feel you have no voice. They both support equity and sound financial planning.

I continue to support Rebecca Hines, Catherine Huddle and Matt Hogan. I am sure of their loyalty to the voters but most of all I am sure of their loyalty to the students and teachers that depend on our decisions.

I can come to only one conclusion. We need positive change and this election is a great opportunity.

Jan Hammond
D 5 Trustee
8th grade SS teacher in Lexington 2