School Board Trustees Represent the Entire District

I have read that some members of the public believe that where a trustee lives somehow effects the leadership that they might bring to the board. This district is relatively small in geographic area. Do you really believe that someone running for the board would not have concern for students, staff, teachers and families living 12 miles away? Teachers who work in schools in the Dutch Fork and Irmo clusters live in Chapin and vice versa. Many are my clients. We talk every time they come in about the schools and their concerns.

For years Chapin was unrepresented on the board. It has shifted a little. But, the advent of magnet schools means that children who live in one area attend schools in another.

I know several present and past board members as well candidates personally. I can tell you to a person that they are as concerned with students in Irmo as they are for those in Chapin or Dutch Fork. They believe in Excellence for All and will not stop working until we achieve that goal. The big issue to me is that board members should be engaged, approachable and accessible.

Let’s stop worrying about where someone lives and worry about the things that count. We have an opportunity to elect three qualified new board members this time. I am putting my faith in Hines and Huddle in Lexington County and Hogan in Richland.

Teresa Lewis
Small Business Owner
Resident Lexington County